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If you are the proud owner of a small to mid-sized business and are facing problems with cash flow, you might want to think about getting a cash flow loan. For the small to the mid-sized business owner, a lack of working capital can be a factor that holds back your growth.

Having steady cash flow is not just about staying solvent, although that is part of it, it is also about moving forward with your 5-year business plan. An option more people are using over traditional banks is online finance companies like ours, Online Cash Flow Loan.

Waiting for payments

Often for a smaller business, there can be a cash flow problem around your own customers. Whereas you deliver your service or item straight away, customers often have longer to pay you for them, ranging from 30 days to even 60 days.

This sees you having money tied up in invoices that are unpaid and this can lead to having more cash sitting in accounts receivables then you have actually in the bank. Sometimes business can reach a point where they just cannot offer any more product until they get paid and you may even be having problems paying wages or paying your suppliers. You need better business cash flow.

Cash Flow Loan

Three Tips to Better Cash Flow Finance

To manage cash flow more effectively you can;

1) Instant collections of receivables – Do not offer discounts or lines of credit to customers who are new or are not financially healthy.

2) Manage outgoings more carefully – Paying bills as early as possible is actually not the best option. While you should avoid late fees, of course, you could schedule payments so they do not all hit at the same time and keep your cash flow balanced better. You can also make sure that wages are paid at a time of the month that is best for your business.

3) If you offer a product or service consider offering a contract – a customer can pay upfront to get the product over a fixed time period. This gets the money paid upfront and it encourages customer loyalty.

What are your options?

In some cases, a business will sell those unpaid invoices called invoice factoring or invoice financing. For better cash flow finance you can also see if your suppliers will finance your business, and you can also look at asset-based lending among some other options.

But another option is to take out a cash flow loan from a trustworthy and reputable online finance company like Online Cash Flow Loan.

Improving business cash flow with a loan

Whether you need a small influx of cash at $5000, somewhere in between, or all the way to our max loan amount of $500,000, we have loan amounts and terms that suit you. We have a team of professional and experienced staff ready to take your call and go over what your needs are.

Our application process is obligation free, and an amazingly quick 5 minutes. Within 24 hours you will get your answer, and in some cases the money you need. Apply now or contact us to have a talk about our rates and terms!